Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cops and Robbers Mishap

Wearing his favorite T-shirt that says "Wasn't Me"

Apparently make believe games of cops and robbers can turn out to be really dangerous.

Ryder was at the neighbor's riding his bike.  The rules of the game kept changing - you can't ride on the street - then - you can't ride on the grass.  Trying to escape the law Ryder found himself riding towards the grass.  In a last ditch attempt to avoid the grass and end up getting captured he turned sharply at the last second and the handle bar got stuck on his stomach and he came to a quick stop.  The handle bar went right into his stomach.  Yikes.

That kid uses more Bactine and bandages than anyone I know.

Oh, and I think he may have strep throat as well.  Sigh.

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