Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just wanted to publish this adorable picture of Harrison and Ryder from the campout they went on with their dad this past weekend.  The last 2 Stake Father & Sons Campout have been rained out.  Last year they all drove home in the middle of the night when a huge thunderstorm hit them.  I'm told that Ryder slept through it all.  This year though the weather was FANTASTIC!!!  Sunny, clear and 80 degrees.  The night didn't get too chilly either.  They had lots of fun playing football and participating in a service project to clear the campground of its overgrown brushy areas.

They cooked on the camp stove (campfires were prohibited due to high fire danger - if you haven't seen in the news lately there are huge fires burning thousands of acres near Fort Worth).  Dinner was Dinty More Beef Stew with S'mores for dessert.

All in all it was a great trip for them - if you don't mind the creepy crawlies that were there in abundance.

A mass of daddy long legs hanging out in the restrooms.
There were also milledpedes everywhere - this one was resting. 
I suppose it is quite tiring making 1000 legs move all day long!


jo said...

So glad to hear that they finally got the 'perfect storm' of dry weather and good temperatures for their outing. I remember that they came dragging home in the middle of the night last year due to terrific thunderstorms. Such cute grandsons! And a pretty amazing shot of the spiders...

Unknown said...

So glad they had fun! It is a great picture of the boys. Camping is so fun! We are heading to Champoeg the first weekend of June for some bike rides and games.

p.s. Tillee likes Ryder's shirt :)

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