Friday, April 22, 2011

Memories From Omaha

This past February Nicole and I did some traveling - to OMAHA.  Yeah, you heard me right, Omaha.  The word Omaha kind of looks like a cross between the words "Aloha" and "Oahu" which are wonderful travel worthy words.  But alas, Omaha in February is just, well, cold - and definitely not travel worthy.

Now, don't get me wrong, it was fun to get away for a couple of days and enjoy the. . .ummmm. . . well, we went there for a volleyball tournament, and the volleyball was good.  Nicole got to meet the Dutch National Team, a bunch of very talented 15 year olds who were playing in the 18 year old division.  She had her picture taken with them.

They didn't really speak any English, and it was fun to listen to them on the court.  Whenever they would score a great point they would shout, "Ohpah!"

We were supposed to fly out on the last day of the tournament, but as we finished packing we discovered that our flight had been cancelled, and EVERY flight out that night was booked.  So, lucky us we got to spend an extra night in Omaha!  Which was great, because then we had extra time to enjoy. . .ummmm. . . well, we watched some TLC on TV and slept in the next day.

Before we ever left for Omaha, I told Nicole how I had visited there in the winter about 12 years ago.  All I could remember were the ginormous piles of dirty snow everywhere.  Nicole just looked at me funny.

Enjoy the memories m'dear :)

1 comment:

My name is Andrea said...

The title of your post was so inviting...makes me almost wanna visit Oahu, I mean Omaha.

I keep trying to tell these Texan kids that in places where it really snows, it is only pretty for a day, maybe two, then it get hard, crunchy and dirty. They always say, "Dirty?" Glad that Nicole now understands...

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