Monday, March 14, 2011

Meeting Bentley

Meet our new little Havanese boy, Bentley.  He is just 2 months old and we drove down to pick him up on Saturday.  We are really enjoying spending time with this cute little guy.  We have discovered though that he is a bit more vocal about things than Blossom.  He is not afraid to wimper and bark to let us know that he wants something.  This includes letting us know that he is not happy being by himself at night.  Hmmmmm. . .

He has already learned to "speak" on command - really no surprise there!  We just need to come up with a command for "silence!"

As you'll see from the video, some of his favorite things to do are play chase and give kisses.

You know what they say about Havanese, "Havanese are like potato chips, you can't have just one."

1 comment:

jo said...

We were waiting for a report on this new little guy and it has been here for a couple of days already! We both laughed and smiled our way through the video. Looks like he and Blossom and all of you are going to get along royally. Can't wait to see him in person (and you!). To quote your famous Uncle John: "What a dandy!"

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