Saturday, February 12, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine?

Do you remember way back in elementary school when you used to make valentines for all of your classmates?  You know, and you delivered them into a giant heart shaped "envelope" that had been painstakingly made out of pink and red construction paper in art class the week before and taped to their desk.  And if there was that special someone (or two or three) that you really liked, you agonized over what special words you could write on their card to declare your feelings? Good times. Great memories. Really, the fun and excitement of the first flutterings of a young heart are hard to ever replicate.  Thank goodness we have children who give us the opportunity to live vicariously through them.

This week Ryder was filling out his valentine cards for the kids in his class.  Now, back in my day (a.k.a "the good ol' days"), our teachers let us fill in the name of the classmate that we were giving the card to. This was great, because for our normal friends and classmates we could just write:

To: (classmate's name here)
From:  Heidi

Simple.  Done.

But if we had a crush on someone (or they on us), you could write something really fabulous like:

To:  Shawn

I really like you.  I think you are nice and funny.

From: Heidi

Your heart would race and flutter at the thought of actually giving it to them, and you would wonder (and worry) about what they would think when they read it.

Oh, and when I pulled each valentine out of my heart envelope, I would read each one carefully to see if anyone liked ME. What was really mysterious was when someone wrote me a love message and didn't sign their name.  The excitement and mystery of trying to figure out who my secret admirer might be was thrilling.

Well, nowadays teachers are much more valentine card savvy.  They have the kids write just their name on the card and bring enough for everyone in the class.  Like this:

To:  (blank)

From: Ryder

This is smart, because it:  1. eliminates having to send home a list of class names, 2. ensures that everyone in the class gets a valentine (kind of a Valentines Day "no student left behind" policy), and 3. saves a ton of time passing the cards out.  Do you remember trying to read what you had written on each card, and then trying to find each desk to deliver it...

Unfortunately, it also eliminates the opportunity to declare your true feelings to that really cute girl or boy in your class that you secretly admire.

When Ryder asked me if he could write a "special note" to a little girl in his class, I told him I thought that would be fine.  He could just keep it separate from the others and make sure he delivered it to her.

I am sooooo glad I let him write that special note, because it reminded me of what I love about Valentines Day.  Here is what he wrote:

Carlee I kinda like you i'm so scared about sendin this.
I'm shivering

Seriously, is that cute or what? The simple, heartfelt declaration of admiration from one 2nd grader to another.  THAT is what a good valentine card looks like.

So, to all you teachers out there: 1. send home the class list, 2. bring some extra valentines just in case someone gets forgotten, and 3. set aside an extra 15 minutes for your classroom parties so there's ample time for the kids to sort and deliver their messages.  Let their little hearts flutter and shiver as true love blooms.

Oh, and "Will you be my valentine?" Because I think you're awesome!

I'm so scared about posting this. I'm shivering.


Kara said...

Love, love, LOVE the post. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Lacee said...

I love the special note :) Heidi, you are truly a talented blogger. Love your posts! Happy Valentines Day to all the Romneys.

jo said...

I am missing out!! Failed to check blog for awhile and look at how cute Ryder is. What a sweet Valentine sentiment from a 3rd grader.

Ronielle said...

I love this!!!!

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