Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Hoping Goth Is Still In

So, a funny (?) story. I was coloring my hair this morning (I'm really a natural blonde :)  and I was using my phone as my timer. Well, the timer went off signaling "time to rinse," but when I turned the timer off I noticed that I had 7 emails. I figured they were all quick facebook emails, so I took a look. What I found was an email from a dear friend which I immediately opened it to see how she was doing. And then I read it. And started typing a reply. And 10 minutes passed where I had forgotten all about the colorant in my hair. And then I remembered. And I gasped. And I ran to the bathroom and rinsed. 

As I finish writing this blog, the towel is still wrapped around my head. I am afraid to look at how dark it is. But, ever the optimist, I have the thought, "Oh well, maybe I can wait longer between colorings this time."

Now if you didn't believe me about being a natural blonde…would a brunette have made that mistake?



My name is Andrea said...

Sooo, let's see it!! :) I'm sure you look awesome as a Goth girl.

jo said...

Would love to have seen the look on your face at the moment you realized that you had 'cooked' too long!

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