Monday, January 24, 2011

Nicole's Sweet 16 Party

Party Invitation
Nicole is turning 16 this week - yikes how did that happen?!?! I've had in my mind that she can get her driver's license soon, but until her little brothers reminded me I'd forgotten that she can also DATE now! Help us all!

Somehow she talked me into throwing a party for her. Getting me to throw a party is like pulling teeth. Actually, I know from experience that pulling teeth is easier :)

So, she and a friend came up with having an "animal print theme" and they left the rest up to me.

Here is a picture of the cake I made for the party.  Click here to read more about how I made the cake.

Then with all of those teenagers, I knew we would need some food.  So here are some pictures of the tablescape I did:

Custom Water Bottles
Veggie Tray and "Cheetah-Toes"
Chex Mix
6 pounds of gummy bears
One guest ate 3 pounds of these himself - SERIOUSLY!
Frosted Animal Cookies
And then I posted this sign - don't know if anyone but me got it.

There were games to play.  I came up with several, but was told by my soon to be 16 year old that only one was cool enough.  Here is my "cool game" called Take a WILD Guess.  It was basically a list of 10 questions about Nicole to see who knew her best.

There were prizes for the winners, and eventually everyone just passed the basket around and picked something out.

This game is one that Nicole and her friends wanted to play.  Not sure exactly what it's called or how you play it, but they seemed to have fun.

Then she blew out her candles.

Look, the inside of the cake has zebra stripes too!

And opened her gifts

It turned out to be a really fun party.  She invited the kids from her early morning seminary class - all freshmen and sophomores, so there were about 25 kids there.

I am so glad she had fun - and that she only turns sweet 16 once!



jo said...

When I turn 16 will you do my party??!! Cannot believe that gorgeous, sweet, eldest granddaughter is 16!! (The cake is beautiful, too.)

My name is Andrea said...

Dude, you're an overachiever!!! That party is darling!!! Tyler came home and talked about the zebra stripes inside the cake, and Emily texted me a picture of it...it was definitely a HIT!!! When I turn 16, will you throw me a party?

Ronielle said...

I am so impressed!

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