Monday, October 11, 2010

Goody Bags

Every year I get at least one chance to make the goody bag for Nicole's volleyball team.  Basically it just means we're providing snacks for the girls to eat before their match, so they'll have lots of energy and WIN!

Last year I got to do the bags for their game on Homecoming Day, so I made these bags with little mini mums attached.

That was fun.  So this year I decided to make a fabric gift bag to put all their stuff in.  Here are the bags all sewed up and lined up.  I just love the volleyball ribbon I found for the handles!

Here's a peek at what was inside.  I'm pretty sure no one went hungry!  By the way, those Butterfinger Snackerz are delicious :)

What's inside
The girls must have had plenty of energy, because they beat their opponent easily.

Now the rest of this is just a tutorial to follow if you want to make a fabric gift bag.

How to Make a Fabric Gift/Goody Bag

You'll need:

1/3 yd. of 44" fabric per bag
12" x 22" piece of coordinating felt per bag
2 feet of ribbon for handle
2 feet of ribbon for ties
pinking shears for cutting top edge
coordinating thread
sewing machine

1/2" seam allowance is used for all seams

1.  First cut your fabric and felt rectangles.  I cut my 44" wide fabric into 12" strips with my rotary cutter, then cut them in half to make my 12" x 22" rectangles.  For my bags I used one black, one print, and one felt rectangle for a coordinating effect.

2.  Next I made a "fabric sandwich" layering fabric, felt, fabric together.  The felt should be against the wrong side of the fabrics so that the outside of the sandwich is the outside of your fabrics.

3.  Then with the layers pinned together I measured and cut the sandwich in half to make one front and one back piece.

4.  I flipped one piece over so that the finished bag would have a different fabric on the front and on the back.

5.  Cut the top edge of each piece with pinking shears, and pin handles and ties in place.  I just laid a yard stick on each piece and placed a handle at 4" and 8" with the tie pinned at 6".

6.  Stitch across the top of each piece to lock handle and ties in place.

7.  Pin and sew front and back pieces right sides together along 3 edges (2 sides and base).

8.  To create the bag base open bottom seam out flat to create a diamond shape as shown.  Draw a line where the triangle is 2.5" across.  Pin and sew across line.

9.  It should look like this.

10.  Turn right side out and there you have it!  Fill with your choice of goodies or gifts :)


Lacee said...

What lucky girls!! What a cute idea! Thanks for showing how you made each bag, it is a great tutorial. Tell everyone hi! Can't believe Ryder will be 8 on Wednesday! WooHoo! xoxo, lacee

Rochelle said...

AWESOME!!! Love it. Darling fabric. Jessica would want to move to Prosper just for the bags.

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