Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear Grandma . . .

A picture's worth a thousand words - and the tears of joy you will shed when you see this picture!


Your amazing and adorable grandchildren

P.S.  You're welcome :)

P.S.2  I have many more to share :)  :)

P.S.3  Click on the picture to bring up the full size image - then copy and save to your computer - well, if you want a copy that is :)  :)  :)


jo said...

IF I want a copy???!!!!! This is soooo cute!! I already have the banner picture of the 6 of you in your blue shirts in front of the pool and the sweet picture of the awesome parents of the sweet quartet above. I am on a roll. :)

Ronielle said...

I love this picture! And the one to the top and the side of your family? Any chance we will see one in a christmas card or something for our refrigerators?! :) You all look wonderful!

TexasMom said...

I am holding back my favorite family shots for Christmas cards!

Lacee said...

Love the family pictures Heidi! Everyone looks so much older! xoxo

My name is Andrea said...

I love the pics!! All of them! Now you've made me want a new family picture!!

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