Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homecoming Fun

OK, so there has been a lot of this walking out my door this week . . .

Nicole and Emily - Twin Day
Melanie Mix-n-Match Day
Harrison Crazy Sock Day (or is he just plain crazy?)
Ryder Crazy Day - what you can't see is the wristband on his ankle (I know, CRAZY) and he is wearing his shorts backwards (you'd never know, except he tells you)
And I'm so very excited for tomorrow - Homecoming.  Everyone gets out of school early, and the 3 youngest kids get to ride on Homecoming Floats!!!  And throw candy (better that collecting tons of it!). And they will get to wear their mums/garters that I have been working on.

Harrison's Garter
Ryder's Garter
Melanie's Mum
3 Garters Completed
I don't have a picture of Nicole's mum yet, but it is a truly blinged out over the top Texas mum, and I promise to post pictures once I have them.

Go Eagles!!


Ronielle said...

We have spirit week here for homecoming but those mums/garters are a Texas only treat! They look awesome!

Lacee said...

Those mums are sure fancy! Looks like fun! The kids look so much older, it has been 2 weeks since the last pic! :) Enjoy your Homecoming!

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