Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cousin Fun

Clayton, Ryder, Max, Emily, Harrison, Megan, Melanie, Nicole
Fort Worth Stockyards

I guess I need to send Jerry Jones a thank you card. As a result of him building a state of the art football stadium for the Dallas Cowboys, and for TCU scheduling a game against Oregon State there, my brother Win (a die hard Oregon State fan and alum) brought his family for a visit over Labor Day weekend!!!

We had a wonderful time hangin'out and visiting, touring Prosper, watching volleyball and football games, bowling at Main Event, and swimming.

Now their trip did have a bit of a rough start.  Before they ever boarded their plane, my nephew Clayton walked into the corner of a metal laptop table at PDX, and gashed his forhead open. Paramedics were called to the scene, and amazingly enough got him cleaned up and put back together just in time to board. So when they arrived, first thing the next morning Clayton got to visit our pediatrician and have his wound evaluated and glued shut. Of course this meant that he couldn't get it wet, even though we went swimming a couple of times. Clayton was great at following the doctor's orders and found ways to be in the pool without messing up the wound.

He even kept it dry when they posed for this adorable group shot!

Clayton, Ryder, Max, Emily, Melanie, Nicole, Megan, Harrison
Of course we musn't forget the OSU vs. TCU game.  What a blast!!  Emily, Megan & Melanie made some signs before we went.

And my brother Win, bless his heart, got us 4th ROW SEATS!!! That's club level my friends, and the view is magnificent when you're sitting that close!! We even got on ESPN :) in case you were watching!

They also got to meet Blossom.  Megan liked having her do tricks.

And she got a chance to help bathe her.

Clayton loved her too.  I think they need a Havanese puppy!

And what's a trip to Texas without some authentic western fun?  We visited the Fort Worth Stockyards where Clayton got to ride Big Jake, our very favorite Texas Longhorn.

It was so funny to hear the crowd that had gathered around when Clayton got up there. I overheard, "oh, isn't he so cute!" "Bob, take that boy's picture, he looks better than Jeffery did up there." Everyone's cameras were flashing when Clayton was on :)

One of the things we did at the Stockyards was get a group picture (per Grandma Hjordis' request). Darren brought the tripod, and we used the timer to get this one.

Then we all moved over in front of the water tower to get our best group shots. Darren set up the tripod, and pushed the button for the timer to start. What happened was that he got a picture of us not expecting it, and when he ran over and joined us the camera didn't take the picture of us all smiling (we couldn't see the timer light on the camera to know what had happened because it was so bright out). So we got this picture.

Caught unawares - and where's Darren?
We were so disappointed! So I tried adding Darren in at home.

The perfect group shot.  Darren was able to join us.
Words cannot describe what a wonderful time we had. We are so grateful for family, and for this chance we had to spend time together. Y'all come back now y'hear!!!


Lacee said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun :) Too bad the Beavs didn't come home with the win! My boss was there and took a tour of the stadium, they said it was amazing.

TexasMom said...

I was worried the Beavs would get whooped, so I was quite excited they played so well! We have watched TCU destroy many opponents. We end up at a lot of TCU football, basketball and volleyball games always rooting for their opponent.

The tour of the stadium sounds fun. It is an amazing facility :)

jo said...

Love the commentary with all the pictures. Will have to show grandma when she gets up in the morning. You sure have a knack for making things fun for everyone.

My name is Andrea said...

It looks like several Darren's were able to join you...

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