Monday, August 16, 2010


Volleyball season is underway!  Nicole made the JV team and was selected as one of the co-captains with her friend Rachael.  She also gets to practice with the Varsity on occasion and even played briefly on Varsity when one of their Middle Blockers had to miss a match for her sister's wedding.  The JV is undefeated so far and looking great.  Should be a fun season.
Here she is being introduced at "Meet the Eagles" an annual event where all the fall athletes are introduced prior to the season.  She's so purdy :)

We'd love for you to come see her play in the awesome Prosper High Arena.  Click here to see the 2010 schedule.


Lacee said...

Go Nicole!! Enjoy your volleyball season. Looks like you play in a fancy place :)

Janie said...

go Nicole.
Such a pretty lady - have I ever said that? she is. gorgeous.

jo said...

We are so proud of Nicole! Also - love, love, love the Romney Fall Sports Scoreboard! Red Ryder.....

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