Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Week In Review

First Day of School Brothers
All I can say is WHEW!!!!!!!!  It has been a busy and exciting week getting 4 kids back to school.  The kids are all happy to see their friends and meet their teachers.  So far there hasn't been much homework to complain about.  Well, except for Nicole who is taking PreAP Chemistry, PreAP Spanish II, PreAP English II, PreAP Algebra II, AP World History (easily her hardest class and scariest teacher!), along with 3 other "more normal" classes.  The most odd thing about her schedule is that she has lunch in the middle of 4th period.  Yep, 20 minutes of class, 20 minutes of lunch, and back for 20 more minutes of class.  I am trying to figure out what they will do when they have a test.  20 minutes of taking the test, 20 minutes of sharing and looking up answers, 20 minutes of finishing their test?!?!
First Day of School Sisters

Of course when they get home from school, the day is not over.  After school this week we had a total of 13 practices, 1 evening of volleyball tryouts, 2 JV volleyball matches, Weeblos Scouts, Mutual for the girls at 2 different locations, volleyball team parents meeting, football weigh in x 2, 1 football scrimmage, 3 days of early morning seminary, and 2 days of middle school "zero period."  It was a very busy week and the future looks similar.
Ryder 1st Day of 2nd Grade
Ryder is in 2nd grade at Rucker Elementary School.  Ryder loves his teacher, Mrs. Eggleston - the kids call her Mrs. E.  She was his permanent substitute last year while his 1st grade teacher was on maternity leave, so he already knows her.  I love that they call their class the Eggleston Earthworms :)
Harrison 1st Day of 5th Grade
Harrison is in 5th grade at Rogers Middle School.  This is his first year with a locker and moving from class to class, and he really loves it.  The whole locker thing was a bit rough at first, but after they went through and oiled the locks things have gone smoothly. So far he is really enjoying the whole middle school atmosphere.
Melanie First Day of 8th Grade
Melanie is in 8th grade at Reynolds Middle School.  This is the first year in her school career where she has been in the oldest class at her school.  It seems every time she was about to be the oldest class, we would move, or they would switch what grades were housed in the school.  So here she is finally at the top of the feeding chain.  She has a very heavy schedule as well.  She is taking Algebra, Speech and Health for high school credit.
Nicole 1st Day of 10th Grade
Nicole is a sophomore at Prosper High School.  As I mentioned before, she has some really tough classes this year.  She also attends early morning seminary (religion class) at 6:00 am every morning.

If you've been counting you may have noticed that all 4 kids are attending different schools - 4 kids in 4 different schools, with 4 different arrival and dismissal times makes for busy mornings and evenings getting everyone where they need to be.  Thank goodness the boys ride the bus!!

Here's to another great year at Prosper ISD!!!


Lacee said...

Whew!! I'm glad you're an organized person! Busy with a capital B!! Hope everyone has a great year!

My name is Andrea said...

I was thinking about updating my blog, but reading your post made me more tired than I already am...(:

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