Sunday, July 18, 2010

Diving For Fun

We had a fantastic week with our Tonini cousins who came to visit.  One of our outings while they were here was to Jack Carter Pool in Plano - a real deal at $3/person.  The kids had lots of fun, avoided major sunburns, and only got scolded by the life guards a couple of times, so I consider it a good day!!

Here are some pictures of their greatest dives.

This is Corina - she wowed us with her beautiful form all day :)

I can't really say the same about Melanie!!

Although this one's a little better. . .

True to form, Nicole's always waving to the camera

The landing on this one ruptured a bunch of blood vessels in her back and left her with a lovely bruise.

Carson looks like he's gonna belly flop.

Harrison's first dive ever!

Ryder's first dive ever - I think he thought he could fly :)

Jacob performed the most flips

And there was a water slide that they had some leisurely fun on.

It was a really great day and we all had lots of fun.  Corina was undefeated in the contest for best and longest held underwater handstand.  You go girl!!!!


Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Well absolutely I'll do your 60th! something to look forward to:) I think Mark and I have had enough practice after this one, so the next one should be a piece of cake...oh wait that's another post so come by again, as i mentioned I didn't want to crash everyone's system with 265 pictures;)
By the way I love the new Muffett blog and I love the fact that you actually have warm sunny weather!

jo said...

I laughed so hard at these pictures. Knowing some of the kids involved and their mom's sense of humor makes for happy thoughts.

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