Thursday, July 22, 2010

Did I Mention We Have A Puppy?

Harrison (with Blossom on the right) and his friend Ty got puppies around the same time!
Well, we do have a puppy, and we think she's pretty darn amazing.  Nicole and Melanie have been working with her teaching her to sit (yesterday) and roll over (today).  Blossom's a pretty good student and has learned both of her tricks so far.  In Cuba, where the Havanese breed originated, they were often trained as circus dogs.

Anyway, for a 3 month old puppy, we're pretty impressed.

She can also fetch a ball and bring it back. Although the poor pup is so small her "ball" is one of those 25 cent bouncy balls you can purchase from a gumball machine.

What should we teach her to do next?


Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh what a little doll!
I wanna puppy now...oh Mark...


My name is Andrea said...

We'll send our dog right over to learn that roll over trick!!

I'm worried that the dog isn't getting enough attention, however.

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