Friday, June 25, 2010

Cub Scout Twilight Camp - Part 2

The theme for this year's Twilight Camp was a fun one - C.S.I. which stands for "Cub Scout Investigations."  Each walking den (we were walking den 19) made a camp flag to carry with them throughout the week.  Here's a picture of our boys making their flag.  The big swirly stencil is of a fingerprint.

Here's what it looked like when it was all done.

Speaking of fingerprints, the boys had a station run by a real C.S.I. from Collin County.  She taught us all about fingerprints and crime scenes.  The boys got to dust for their own prints.

They also had a woodworking class

Leather class

They built campfires and made chili (nothing like a hot bowl of chili when it's 100 degrees outside :)

And played lots and lots of games!!

Other memorable moments included a win for best Swap'em for Harrison on Monday (out of 350 scouts), and I won for best Swap'em for leaders on Wednesday (out of 50 leaders).  This is my Twilight Hat with my swaps.  Harrison's swap is the little evidence vial with the "bloody swab"  inside.  My swaps are the "Wanted by CSI" character trading cards.

Harrison also had a blast on the Friday night overnighter.  Darren came up to camp and helped him set up a tent and they slept outside.  I'm informed that at night it only cooled down to 85 degrees - sounds comfortable huh?!?!

It was a fun year at Twilight Camp.  Next year I get to do it again with Ryder since he will be old enough to attend with his Wolf Pack.  I can't wait?

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Janie said...

Harrison has a look of constant sarcasm on his face that absolutely CRACKS me up!!! he's a trip!

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