Friday, June 25, 2010

Cub Scout Twilight Camp - Part 2

The theme for this year's Twilight Camp was a fun one - C.S.I. which stands for "Cub Scout Investigations."  Each walking den (we were walking den 19) made a camp flag to carry with them throughout the week.  Here's a picture of our boys making their flag.  The big swirly stencil is of a fingerprint.

Here's what it looked like when it was all done.

Speaking of fingerprints, the boys had a station run by a real C.S.I. from Collin County.  She taught us all about fingerprints and crime scenes.  The boys got to dust for their own prints.

They also had a woodworking class

Leather class

They built campfires and made chili (nothing like a hot bowl of chili when it's 100 degrees outside :)

And played lots and lots of games!!

Other memorable moments included a win for best Swap'em for Harrison on Monday (out of 350 scouts), and I won for best Swap'em for leaders on Wednesday (out of 50 leaders).  This is my Twilight Hat with my swaps.  Harrison's swap is the little evidence vial with the "bloody swab"  inside.  My swaps are the "Wanted by CSI" character trading cards.

Harrison also had a blast on the Friday night overnighter.  Darren came up to camp and helped him set up a tent and they slept outside.  I'm informed that at night it only cooled down to 85 degrees - sounds comfortable huh?!?!

It was a fun year at Twilight Camp.  Next year I get to do it again with Ryder since he will be old enough to attend with his Wolf Pack.  I can't wait?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cub Scout Twilight Camp - Part 1

This past week Harrison and I spent our evenings at Twilight Scout Camp for Weeblos.  It was extremely hot (think 100 degrees and humid), but we managed to have a great time anyway!  Harrison had a chance to do some archery

and BB guns

They built some really cool model rockets

Which they then planned to launch if not for some bugs getting in the way of the launch sequence

That is a real dragonfly on top of the launch pole - scout's honor.  Cool huh?!?!

But eventually they were able to blast off!!  Unfortunately, Harrison was in the very first group to launch their rockets.  It sounds great, but what it really meant was that they were the test group and due to the angulation of the launch poles, Harrison's rocket ended up in the lake.  I guess that's what's called, "Goin' down in a blaze of glory!"

At the end of the first day our "Walking Den" won the Spirit Award for doing the most chanting and singing as we moved from station to station throughout the evening.  As a reward we got to be in charge of raising the flag during Opening Ceremonies the next day.  The boys did a really great job!

Of course the best part of all was that they got to just chill (maybe not the best word considering the weather!) with friends.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Puppy Love

Well, the day has finally come - the Romneys have a puppy.  My kids have tried every means of persuasion to get me to get them a dog - but to no avail.  Nicole even went so far as to compose a phenomenal letter on why we should get one.  To see that letter click here.  That was 5 years ago, and I have held firm in my position - dogs are too much trouble!!

So what changed you may ask. . .  This is how it all went down.

Yesterday Nicole, Melanie and I had a "girls day out."  You know, shopping, dining, enjoying. . .  Well, at the end of our day we made a stop at the fabric store, because I needed some fabric to make some skirts. The fabric cutting lines were very long, so I sent the girls next door to PetLand to spend some time. When I walked over to pick them up, we were watching all the puppies, and this one little puppy was sooooooo adorable and had the most wonderful temperament.  We asked the sales lady what breed she was and were told she was "Havanese."  Not ever having heard of this dog before, I whipped out my trusty iPhone and Googled it.  I found this information about the Bichon Havanese.  The dog actually sounded too good to be true - smart, friendly, lovable, non shedding, hypoallergenic, calm, quiet, clever, small.  We were also told that with a "puppy cut" they only need to be groomed about 4-5 times per year.  We were allowed to play with the little puppy in a partitioned off meet and greet area and she was delightfully sweet and playful.  When we picked her up she would snuggle right up to your neck and fall asleep.  Nicole and Melanie played it smart and never asked if we could get her - they let the puppy do all the work - they could see I was hooked.

Now, I knew that I couldn't just show up at home with a puppy without consulting Darren.  We have been in agreement about  the no puppy thing for years.  So I sent him a text about her describing how perfect she is with the following picture attached -

I know, right.  A.DOR.A.BLE.  I may be a bit biased, but what's not to love about that sweet face!! What was poor Darren to do?  Being the loving husband and father he is he said, "I wouldn't say no, but the kids are going to have to do all the work taking care of it."  What Nicole, Melanie and I heard was, "Go for it - bring that puppy home ASAP."

So, that's just what we did, and so far (knock on wood) she has been delightfully sweet and easy.  She can barely muster up enough energy to chase her tail one time around, then she has to take a long nap. She slept all night quietly in her kennel.  We may just cancel our Direct TV, because all we do is sit around and watch her sleep (and chase her tail one time around).  Life is good, and so far she has been no trouble at all. 

Oh, and we named her Blossom - after the red Powerpuff girl.  She is a little puff ball with big eyes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something's Been Buggin' Me

Summers in Texas start early in May, so to beat the heat we like to spend time at the pool.  Today the kiddos found an interesting friend to play with. . .
Everyone was a bit shy when they first met their puzzling new friend.

But once they introduced themselves. . .
they became best bugs.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proud Auntie Heidi Shares Pictures

They don't get any sweeter than this!

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nothing Is More Precious

Welcome to my sweet new nephew Benjamin Garrett born 6/7/2010 weighing in at 6 pounds 13 ounces.  He snuck into this world 3 1/2 weeks early - guess he couldn't wait for some good snuggle time with mom & dad.

I cannot wait to go visit him. . .soon, very soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Job Do You Have?

I know it's hard to read, but Ryder wrote me the sweetest note in church last Sunday – I think I’ll keep it forever.  On a folded up church program he wrote the question, “What job do you have?” and handed it to me.  Well, I thought he was asking me the question, so I decided to tell him “mom” but wondered if he was thinking along the lines of a profession more like “dentist.”  I leaned over to answer him and he said, “No, open it up.”  I unfolded it and inside he had written in big letters:

“Being the best mom.”  I have to admit, the tears started to well up.  It is definitely a moment I will treasure, and it made my day, week, month. . .

This is what makes "Being the mom the best!"
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