Thursday, April 15, 2010

Melanie's a High Jumper - Took 4th in District

Well, it seems that the video is rather small. So a helpful hint would be that the first jumper who crashes into the bar is not Melanie. The second jumper is Melanie clearing 4'2", and the third jumper is her clearing 4'4". What awesome form she has, right!?! She also cleared 4'6". I don't have video of that, but a good picture of warm ups might be nice. . .

And you know what is sooooooo very funny and so very Melanie? She put her track shorts on backwards for the district meet and didn't even know it. Fortunately, she has really good friends who'll take pictures to remember the moment by!

Note the asics logo on the back of the shorts!

1 comment:

jo said...

Not only does she have awesome form, she has awesome pigtails! (warm-up picture) love,grandma

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